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Abusive OG INDOOR 14g (Good Tree)

Sold By : Good Tree

A popular Californian cut of OG Kush, Abusive OG is an indica strain that inherited the nickname of its original grower. Despite its violent name, Abusive OG will ease you into in a peaceful state of mind that fades over time to a full-body relaxation. Smoker’s who don’t mind mental haziness might choose this strain to remedy pain, anxiety, appetite loss, and sleeplessness at the end of their day. Abusive OG may not produce the highest yields in the garden, but makes up for it with resin-caked buds.

Crush | Abusive OG 3.5g

Sold By : Dr Greenthumb DTLA

This OG strain is a straight indica that brings notes of earth, spice, and lemon that carries over nicely into the flavor profile. When consumed Abusive OG eases the mind and settles in for a full body high leaving the consumer feeling completely relaxed and in an almost sedated-like state.

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