Chocolate Hashberry

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Chocolate Hashberry *$50 Ounce*

Sold By : Oregon Medigreen

Hybrid Flower by Revel Farm
$50 Ounce Special

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Chocolate Hashberry Cartridge


Every Single Origin Cartridge is filled to the brim with 1 gram of masterly crafted cannabis distillate. We use nothing but 100% cannabis terpenes & carefully select the best local flower to go into our distillate. This top-quality distillate requires high-end hardware; each cartridge features a ceramic cup core allowing for precise distillate heating, so you get the perfect consistency & strain flavor with every hit. Four internal portholes allow for continuous distillate flow into the heated core resulting in a super smooth product intake & uniform heating. These precise internal functions along with a stylized, comfortable, mouthpiece make for an elevated smoking experience. Every single product we produce is 100% Oregon made. Our strictly cannabis plant based philosophy, means everything we deliver to you is completely from our home turf…and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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