Cotton Candy Cane

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MountainTop Vape (500mg) Cotton Candy (Indica)


Many of our patients would place this flower in their top five favorite strains because of her consistent and powerful Indica effects. If you’re suffering from chronic pain or struggling with insomnia, this flower could be exactly what you need. Even the flavor is amazing with a rich taste similar to blueberries.

Power Plant x Lavender

Cannabis vapes are devices that vaporize the active ingredients in cannabis. The process is based on heating dried flower, oil or wax to just below the combustion level at which point vapor is produced that can be inhaled.

PurLife PreRoll (1g) Frogs Breath (Hybrid)


This phenomenal strain encompasses an earthy scent with a sour undertone. An incredibly motivating strain with effective pain relief, this strain is ideal for anyone suffering from headaches.

Girl Scout Cookies x Yeti OG (Aka Headband BX)

Relax. Kick back. Light up. It’s so quick and easy to get to your happy zone when these stellar Pre Rolls are waiting for you. No need to fuss at all. We’ve already done all the work. Isn’t it wonderful when your Pre Rolls are ready to go whenever you are! Available in a variety of your favorite strains.

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