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Coastal Roots – Blue Ether – 1/8th


Product description
Generally referred to as Alien Dawg (“Ether” cut), this is one of the more sought after phenotypes of the indica-dominant hybrid Alien Dawg and has been used to create other hybrids such as Alien Abduction and Lemon Alien Dawg. Leaning more towards the Chemdawg 91 side of its heritage, Ether is known for its intense sour smell and amazing trichome production. Coastal Roots Blue Ether flower. Slight indica leaning hybrid . Feel: Sleep Taste: Blueberry, tropical, berry Main Terpenes: Not listed Grow method: Not listed Lineage: Alien Dawg WE ARE A HOLISTIC AND NATURAL LIVING BRAND OFFERING A LINE OF SAFE, HIGH QUALITY HERBAL PRODUCTS AND WELLNESS EDUCATION. WE ARE A COUPLE OF LOCAL HERBALISTS WHO ARE ROOTED AT THE HEART OF WHOLE-HEALTH NOURISHMENT AND LIFESTYLE FROM A GRASSROOTS APPROACH.

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