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Fruit – Grumpz (3.5g)

Sold By : pincanna-2

Product description
Grumpz is a Cannarado originated hybrid strain created by crossbreeding Runtz, Grape Pie and MAC F2. Grumpz flavor profile is sweet and gassy, with a grape-soda finish. Despite the name, you won’t be grumpy after the comfy body high kicks in and the giggles get going. Grumpz is high in Limonene, Linalool, and Caryophyllene terpenes. Experience: Balanced – Hybrid

Fruit Brute

Sold By : green-eden

Product description
Fruit Brute is a cross between Fruit Bound X Cookie Pebbles. Slightly sativa (60% sativa 40% indica) This lovely strain packs a super sweet fruity flavor. Check out the terp profile on this monster.

Fruit Flambé

Sold By : green-life-supply

Product description
Cultivated by Green Life Supply Co. – THC (25.81%), CBD (na), Total Cannabinoids (29.43%), Terpenes (na)

Hello Jelly – 3.5g


Hello Jelly, as the cross would suggest, is a very cherry forward strain. The sugary lime green buds give off a sweet, fruity aroma combined with hints of hops and gas. As much as you may want to, please don’t eat this strain.
Lineage: Very Cherry x Notorious THC
THC and CBD levels may vary

Ocean Fruit

Sold By : Garden of the Budz

This hybrid is mellow and relaxing from start to finish and good way to unwind at the end of the day with just enough sativa properties to keep you moving through the afternoon

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