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1:1 CBD/THC Cartridge – Tropical Trainwreck

Sold By : Tangent Farmacy

CBD Distillate

-1:1 CBD/THC balanced blend

-Broad terpene fingerprint

-All natural tasty flavors with noVitaminE, MCT, PG, S/S, VG or PG cutting agents

Available in 1g cartridges

BALANCE – Aliens on Moonshine 5:1 CBD Cartridge


Best of Weedmaps 2022 brand nominee
Genetics: Sour Alien x White Moonshine
Type: Indica Dominant
Aroma: Fruity, Citrus, Musky, Pine
Effect: Relaxing, Social, Sleep
Best for evenings for its mind and body relaxing benefits
+ Full Spectrum Cannabinoids
+ 4 distinct ratios to fit your needs
+ Proprietary Polyextraction methods used to capture whole plant benefits
+ Full Flower/Bud Extraction
+ Independently batch tested to ensure no harmful pesticides
+ Clean Green Certified
+ 100% Cannabis, No Cutting Agents, No Vitamin E
+ Genuine CCELL Cartridges with proprietary ceramic heating technology
+ Universal 510 threading
+ 1 Full Gram per cartridge
THC%: 18%
CBD%: 45%
CBDA%: 10%++
++ includes other minor cannabinoids
*percentages may vary slightly by batch
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Chela – Indoor – Gush de Menthe


Gush de Menthe is a indica dominant hybrid that brings on a mind and body high with a high level of potency. The aroma is sweet and earthy with a delicious candy flavor. It has super relaxing effects that are best suited for a night in. The genetics come from a special blend of Gushers x F1 Durb x Kush Mintz x Mint Trees

Fuji Fritter – 7g Smalls


Fuji Fritter, a true indica hybrid strain, is known for its powerful and relaxing high. Put out by Lumpy’s Flowers, Fuji Fritter is a strain with secret origins. Those who enjoy Fuji Fritter say this strain allows you to enjoy an evening without losing your cool. Fuji Fritter has a flavor and and aroma that come off as sweet and earthy, with a light cheesy apple pastry influence.

Jelly Fish


Product description
When you feel tight, in your muscles or in your mind, itʼs time for Jellyfish. Delivering relaxation, calm, and relief, this Glass House Farms-exclusive strain was designed to produce a rare balance of both familiar and up-and-coming cannabinoids, imparting only a barely-there high. With just enough THC to get things going, Jellyfish marries a substantial serving of CBD with the uncommon cannabinoids CBC and CBG, all working in harmony to help you loosen, rebalance, and untie til you’re just right.

Feelings: Non-Psychoactive, Chill, Relaxed, Smooth

Flavor: Floral, Earthy, Sweet

Usage: Post-Workout, De-stress, Relax, Recover

Orange Princess Live Resin

Sold By : love-will-grow

Product description
Tangie x Cinderella 99 Live Resin

Cinderella 99 is a fruity sativa dominate hybrid strain with a potent head high that can be powerful in working through fatigue or stress. This paired with Tangie another sativa (which is originally a cross of California Orange x and Skunk-1 ) is known for its terpy tangerine flavors which ignite your senses. This cross is a one of a kind potent THC citrus explosion, which should be consumed mindfully for beginners.

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