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CBD 25 MG LOTION 8fl oz

Sold By : Holistic CBD

Our Holistic CBD lotion is lightly scented nourishing lotion provides soothing, hydrating relief for dry, scaling or peeling skin. Our CBD lotion help promotes a healthy, restorative, moisturizing lotion formulated with high quality lab-tested CBD hemp from USA, providing a non-greasy formula which absorbs instantly creating smooth and soft skin. Our lotion contains 0% THC.


Sold By : Holistic CBD

Our Holistic brand CBD ointment can potentially benefit not only the surface of the skin, also below the skin. When Our CBD topical is applied topically to the skin, the absorption is tenfolds higher than THC allowing the ointment to penetrate both the dermal and sub-dermal of the skin. Our topical ointment contains a variety of naturally occuring CBD hemp phytocannabinoids, terpenes and other benefical compounds, each 4oz topicals contains 250 mg of CBD

Jelly fish [7g Smalls]


When you feel tight, in your muscles or in your mind, itʼs time for Jelly Fish™. Delivering relaxation, calm, and relief, this Glass House Farms-exclusive strain was designed to produce a rare balance of both familiar and up-and-coming cannabinoids, imparting only a barely-there high. With just enough THC to get things going, Jelly Fish™ marries a substantial serving of CBD with the uncommon cannabinoids CBC and CBG, all working in harmony to help you loosen, rebalance, and untie til you’re just right.
Feelings: Non-Psychoactive, Chill, Relaxed, Smooth
Flavor: Floral, Earthy, Sweet
Usage: Post-Workout, De-stress, Relax, Recover
Lineage: Power Plant x Lavender (also known as Purple Paralysis)

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