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Rain Maker, sometimes spelled Rainmaker, is a combination of Mandarin Skunk and Citral Skunk created by Ethos Genetics.
The top reported aromas of the Rain Maker strain are skunk, cheese, and nuts. It is said to taste like fruit, sour lemons, and pine.

Rain Maker


Phat Panda Rain Maker will have you feeling like a million bucks within minutes. A powerhouse Hybrid mix of Citral Skunk and Mandarin Sunset, Rainmaker boasts ultra-potent buds. This bud’s aromatic blend of citrus, skunk and cheese make the mouth water before satisfying cravings with its matching creamy toke. Relax at the end of the day with a non-sedative sense of serenity with Rain Maker in your piece.

Rainmaker | 3.5g

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Product description
Some appreciate Rainmaker for the initial energizing boost, while others prize the long stretch of zoned-out calm that follows. And some just love the sharp flavor: hints of citrus, lemon, cheese, and pine—reflecting the flower’s gorgeous earthy appearance. For all these reasons and more, Rainmaker has developed into one of Garden Remedies’ favorite strains.

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