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.7g Pre-Roll…..$5

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Product description
All organic flower, ocb papers, many flavors available

(2) .5g Kief Infused Cones – (H) Runtz


Our cones are made with 100% nug! No trim, no shake, Flower only. We take the finest flower from our harvest and grind it down, careful to remove all the stems. We then use the shake and trim from each strain to gather the Kief. It’s important to note that we infuse each strain batch with its specific Kief. Once the batch is infused we dry the material to perfection before wrapping them up. Each cone is hand twisted to create the perfect pack for a consistently even burn. As we believe we’ve created the best Kief infused cone one could imagine there was only one thing left to do, we put 2 of them in the tube.

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