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Cake Pop – 3.5G Jar

Sold By : STIIIZY Santa Rosa

Cake Pop is an indica dominant hybrid strain that has a HIGH THC content and boasts a flavorful combination of sweet, peppery and earthy tones.

Dime Bag | Sweet Tooth Indica (3.5g)

Sold By : mammoth-holistic

Product description
Dime Bag | Sweet Tooth (3.5g)


Cannabis for the people who want to get high and have fun. All Dime Bag flower is grown in sunny California. Incredible value brought to you at an affordable price. Spark it, smoke it, pass it and let’s get high

Duct Tape & Sweet Tooth 10pk | Cascade Valley Cannabis


Hybrid dual pack, five 0.5g pre-rolls of each strain. We employ clean, ecologically friendly, and sustainable growing practices that allow us to provide a consistently top shelf, premium product for the conscious connoisseur. Established in 2016, we laid the framework for not just a farm, but a sanctuary, around which we could build a community of connected individuals. People who not only share a common respect of cannabis, but for all living things. Our plants are cared for by highly skilled passionate and international team members with countless years of experience in the cannabis industry.

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