White Bubble Gum Gelato

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Backpack Boyz 3.5g Pre Pack – Bubble Gum Gelato

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Product description
Commonly called BG Gelato, Bubblegum Gelato crosses the enshrined classic of Gelato #45 with the mysterious Indiana Bubblegum for a indica-leaning hybrid that’s heavy on that sweet, sugary nose. Bred by Mosca Seeds, these dense, chunky buds are sticky, a mix of forest green splashed with deep purple tones under all those trichomes. The earthy, berry fruit aroma translates to a creamy, cherry-like smoke with a dash of gas, but heavy on the sweetness. This stony strain pairs best with a day off or a good comedy film; it’ll have you feeling boneless and ready to laugh out loud. Patients may find their aches and pains alleviated, and appetite restored.

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