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3C | Cocoa Dulce 3.5g


One of our newer strains, Cocoa Dulce is a cross between Northern Lights and our Illuminati OG Kush. Northern Lights is a classic strain, known for its earthy aroma and very euphoric high, while Illuminati OG is more piney, producing a more sedative high. The resulting cross-strain brings the best qualities of its parents, producing a relaxing euphoria that lasts for hours.

Apple Fritter


Apple Fritter, a true hybrid strain, is known for its powerful and relaxing high. Apple Fritter is a strain with secret origins. Those who enjoy Apple Fritter say this strain allows you to enjoy an evening without losing your cool. Apple Fritter has a flavor and and aroma that come off as sweet and earthy, with a light cheesy apple pastry influence. *Product descriptions are not claims, effects will vary from person to person.

Cherry Dosi



(GDP x Cherry Pie x Do-si-dos)

Aroma: sweet, cherry gas

Classic Green Dream Eighth

Sold By : High Season

The love child of Blue Dream and Green Crack, the THC-packed Green Dream is the perfect choice for a productive day. Popular for depression, stress, and boosting energy. 100% sustainably grown, premium Humboldt County flower.

Dime Bag | Rainbow Sherbet Hybrid (3.5g)

Sold By : High Season

Dime Bag | Rainbow Sherbet (3.5g)


Cannabis for the people who want to get high and have fun. All Dime Bag flower is grown in sunny California. Incredible value brought to you at an affordable price. Spark it, smoke it, pass it and let’s get high.

Dragon Fly Jones


Never normal and never quiet; he loud! Dragonfly Jones has insane lemon sorbet terps with pungent gas undertones. Its flavor will impress even the most experienced and picky smokers.

Type: Hybrid-Indica Dominant

Uses: Relaxation | Social


This is a great social strain that is a potent high but still allows for a great conversation!

Primary Aromas: orange, cinnamon, hops, basil, lavender




(Wedding Cake x Mendo Breath)

Aroma: Sweet, Vanilla, Berry

Grapes and Cream -Featured Farms 1/8oz Premium Indoor Flower

Sold By : High Season

Strain: Grapes and Cream

Farm: 7 Points

State: CA

Genetics: Grape Pie x Sundae Driver

Type: Hybrid

Total Cannabis %: 37.2

THC %: 30.5

CBD %: 0.1

Total Terpene %: 0

Top Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Ocimene

Tastes: Grape, Sweet, Berry

Effects: Creative, Happy, Giggly

Farm Link: https://7points.biz/

You know the farm. Now try the flower!

It started with vape pens. Sourcing the best buds from our Featured Farms with 100% terpene retention, we brought you the tastiest, cleanest extractions on the market. Now, we are bringing those buds directly to you. Nothing fancy, just pure and tasty whole-plant flower from your favorite Featured Farms cultivators. Small batch, single source, strain specific. Introducing Featured Farms Flower. Available in 3.5 gram jars for those looking for a top shelf smoking experience.

The cream of the crop, literally. These buds are not only small batch, single source and strain specific but they are Grade A, top shelf cultivars. With Featured Farms Indoor, we bring you the highest quality (and potency) indoor flower on the market. Sourced from our favorite cultivators, Featured Farms Indoor flower is always fresh and new strains are harvested all the time.

Green Rhino -Featured Farms 1/8oz Premium Indoor Flower

Sold By : High Season

Strain: Green Rhino

Farm: Neptune Valley

State: CA

Genetics: Green Crack x White Rhino

Type: Hybrid

Total Cannabis %: 34.2

THC %: 28.4

CBD %: 0.1

Total Terpene %: 1.5

Top Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene

Tastes: Fruity, Earthy, Piney

Effects: Euphoric, Creative, Calm

Farm Link: https://www.neptunevalleyfarms.com

High Society – 3.5g CUREflower


High Society is a refined Hybrid cross of the Biscotti and Jet Fuel OG strains. A sophisticated cultivar for the discerning consumer, its flowers express a fruity and gas-packed aroma, a tight but pliable structure, and copious amounts of trichome frosting. When rolled, lit, and hit, its terpene profile produces a spicy flavor of sweet cookies and petrol. Known for its elevated THC content, High Society creates a euphoric vibe shift in creative reasoning.

HOTBOX | Astroberry Sativa (3.5 g) Indoor Flower


HOTBOX’s Astroberry: Rich in limonene and linalool terpenes, this strain is perfect for the wake and bake morning sesh or a midday cure for writer’s block.

HOTBOX | Color Bomb Indica (3.5g) Indoor Flower


Rich in terpenes linalool & limonene, this strain lets you sit back and truly absorb all the colors around you. For when you need to change the hue of your world, and adjust your mood.

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